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OSEDA collaborates with a wide range of organizations on projects that impact the lives of virtually every Missourian. While each project has a specific focus, often there are important implications in related fields. Rather than list a project under multiple headings, each appears in the category deemed the most relevant.

Decision Support

Provides governmental entities and other organizations, from small communities to the state level, with the information needed to make informed, fact-based decisions.


Draws from U.S. Census Bureau data, and many other sources, to provide comprehensive, impartial analyses on an enormous range of demographic-related issues.

Economic Development

Utilizes its expertise in areas such as population patterns, education, income and transportation, to improve Missouri's capacity for economic development.


Focuses on efforts to improve education from preschool through the graduate level, in urban and rural environments, with short, medium and long-term timelines.

Public Health

Evaluates, from a non-clinical perspective, the potential implications of efforts such as preventive medical intervention for young people to caring for the elderly.

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